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Its funny that the shitskins cried for body cameras on cops and the result has been overwhelming evidence that they are lying sacks of shit.

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They speculated that like always shit will only hit the whites and eventaully it will the libshits will cry about muh prvacy till only whity on camera is ok in court.

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He screwed up by not beating her for being away from her husband and driving like a man

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Criminality is the new black privilege

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Deport all shitskins and muds.

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"I need to get to school"

Well ma'am, if you'd been going the speed limit you'd have gotten there a lot sooner. Lesson learned?

When she says she's scared of cops, he should have said "Well, I'll call in a black female Muslim officer. It might take an hour or two, but I want you to be as comfortable as possible. Sit tight."

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No thanks. I know the point is to make her wait for acting like a fool, but if you give them any reason to delegitimize the officer they're dealing with, they will just out of spite and as a way to "fight the system".

They need to be treated just like everyone else, no special requests, laws, treatment, or excuses.

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Shouldn't be driving if you can go crazy mode like that in an instance.

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The funny part is that I really don’t think they’re lying. I think their childish nigger brains naturally gaslight events to fit their tantrums. I think they mostly or fully believe their own bullshit.

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slawson@somsd.k12.nj.us is her email if someone wants to send her a friendly hello.