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that was the most jewish thing i have ever watched.

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He literally presented an insincere strawman around the "The Goyrim Know, Shut It Down" which if pointed out..

He would have ceased angrily, because he realized that we knew.

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Merchants, Zoe Quinn, Gamergate, Pewdiepie, (((Echoes))), Trump, Oh my!

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on zoe quinn: "remember all this woman did was design video games"

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Of course he's not going to get into the details of her debauchery, though I'm sure his Jewish audience would love it if he did. Also his audience is not sophisticated enough to know the difference between a video game and what Zoe Quinn produced. Funny how he equates all video games to prostitute roadkill simulators when Hollywood puts out far more degenerate crap constantly.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=GL2qMcg2OmI :

Highlights from New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman's talk about online antisemitism - YouTube

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