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Well yeah, if MILLIONS of people are pouring into your hometown with a different (violent) culture and your paycheck now goes to them, it's hard to have hot button issues like "who should be able to use what bathroom?"

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dont forget thos millions of people are completely unvetted

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Nonsense! Of course they are vetted. Only the best¹ are allowed in.

(... 1. The best terrorists: Upstanding white people from South Africa are rejected and ISIS fighters are allowed in, given new identities and free housing.)

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The Italians voted for less migration, the Brits thought they voted for less migration lol. The French pussied out. Countries like Spain are lucky their country is too poor to have welfare states like Germany, Germany also voted for more Merkel so fuck em. Sweden has a big election this year

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Well if we're writing countries off based on their voting history, America voted for a mulatto muslim faggot stoner communist. Twice.

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George Bush was such a shitty president that whoever the Democrats put up there was a guaranteed Victor. The UK is doing the same with howbshitty theresa is

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Macron recently introduced much stricter immigration laws in France. Germany did not vote Merkel back in, they rejected her government but her party got propped up by Schultz and the SDs (European parliamentary systems are very different to the US presidential system, its not a simple win/lose outcome over here). Numbers crossing the Med are down about 75% since the peak a couple of years back.
We're winning against this politically all across the continent. But politics can move slowly, which is more so the case under European systems.

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Germany did not vote Merkel back in, they rejected her government

Absolute fucking horse shit. Her party still received the most vote. They went from 40% to 30%, that is not a country which rejects her, that is a country which wants her to continue ruling.

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Meanwhile, the Muslims continue to breed and entrench themselves.

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Sweden is probably already too diluted to vote sensibly.

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Stopping immigration is what they mean.

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They should be more worried about getting raped and killed.

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'YouGov' sounds like something straight out of 1984.

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If we were not living under ZOGs, there would be nothing in the Western world that could stop us from living happy, productive lives.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=GUJ05YDmDIw :

YouGov: Europeans most concerned about immigration - YouTube

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Even if Western politicians immediately halted all immigration, the damage has already been done. The ones that are already here are breeding like rats at (white) taxpayers' expense.

There is no reversing this. The only solution is for whites to self-segregate before the Brown Bubble matures over the next 20 years.



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Palestine was about 2% Jewish in the 1500s, 1600s, 1700s, and early 1800s. By 1930 it was it was still under 20% Jewish. as WWII ended the Jewish population surged to 30%. Then, suddenly there was an 85% Jewish homeland overnight.

All is not lost.

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It took a world war for that massive change to occur. It's not impossible for whites to spring back, but I don't see it happening without a nation-destabilizing conflict.

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