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funny and truthful but this will drive more regular people away from Little.

How about sticking to the "no more money for senseless wars," "no more sending our young men to die overseas," "reducing foreign control over our government," and "Feinstein is a uselss cunt" angles

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I tend to agree that alienating normal people will hurt his campaign, but I also think it helps the cause in general to have people like him hitting the mainstream. If we want to shift the window of acceptable conversation in the right direction, I think we need the people who are willing to defy the Blue Church outright, as well as the palatable gatekeepers.

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He won't win in CA anyway.

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Backup in case it gets taken down by YouTube - https://streamable.com/09cep

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So anyone can start sending robocalls on behalf of any candidate they want now? Patrick Little had nothing to do with this.

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are these robo-calls real? not only have I not laughed that hard in a long fucking time, he's not wrong.

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So how do the Dems bus in people from other states to vote? I want to go do that for this brother of mine.

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Go into a neighborhood, find a couple mailboxes and find the names of the people living there. Show up at the polling place and give them the name of one of the people who hasn't voted yet. They don't ask for ID so it's pretty foolproof.

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If Little wins, they'll use anything they can to delegitimize him, although that's probably the case even if he wins fair and square.

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Very nice...hope he wins!

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Amazing how he hasnt been shut down yet. Total cohencidence.

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Short of killing him what are they supposed to do that they haven't yet?