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There was an ongoing Indian holocaust for thousands of years before whites ever arrived to settle in the North American continent. When the first whites arrived here they found the place under siege of Indian warfare, they were constantly at each other's throats, and they tortured each other to death too.

Further, whites never had a chance to defeat Indians, even with their more advanced weapons, not just because they were outnumbered by Indians in the beginning, but because Indians were already very tactically advanced fighters. Indians were tougher and fearless, and had good military tactics and training, especially in camouflage, and in the case of plains Indians, horsemanship and large battalion warfare. The plains Indians were basically the same as Mongols with their horsemanship and abilities as archers from horseback. They acquired all this from constant very long multi-generation warfare with other tribes. If they had actually put aside their differences, they would have wiped white settlers clean off the continent.

Instead, whites were seen as another tribe that Indians could ally with against other tribes, and as a source of cool new weapons they could use against their tribal enemies. If whites won any war against the Indians at all, it was due to their abilities to pit tribes against one another and play the trade game with them long enough to get their numbers up to make a fighting difference.


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The plains indians didnt have horses until horses arrived in north america with the spanish.


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Horses were in America before the Spanish arrived, and the plains Indians already had them. from this source

Indicates not only were horses in America prior to the Spanish, but the North American Continent is where horses came from, they migrated over the Bering strait from Alaska and that is why the Mongols had them.