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Your nose is showing

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There are wide variations between tribes in the americas - to the extent that it's not possible to draw many conclusions about them as a group. Diet, living conditions, etc, varied extensively for hundreds and thousands of years. Additionally, there are three large waves of ingress into the Americas, separated by large time periods. These represent fundamental differences in the descendants. The language families of the native tribes is a good place to start if you wish to understand this difference. That said, they're all descended at least in large part from East Asians, so the potential for high IQ is there. 20th century testing is not something you can trust because it's a selected group by several factors - the most salient being that those who were tested were likely to be the ones dumb enough to live on a reservation. Any smart natives would have and did leave, taking down the averages by quite a bit. Additionally, their population bottleneck is much more recent in many cases, meaning that large percentages of the most capable and intelligent (correlated with leadership etc) would have died out within the past 200 years.

All of this is available to you if you care to do something other than jew on message boards all day. You're literally wasting your time here.