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I knew right away it was a yid. He/she/it know's it can't refute it so it just act's offended. Abolishing jewish privilege is the key to liberating diverse people of color.


[–] SebuttYopick 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 

ok I know these guys have issues and their own shit but Native Abroginal Indians are actually 'wise' so much we can learn for these people...only a week back I read some stories about bravey of chiefs, and the language used to get behind enemy line in full on war....not shedding tears...onions is all


[–] Doglegwarrior 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago 

Well there is the quote from an Indian chief that makes alot of sense. And it was to Congress which makes it even better.

Indian Chief “Two Eagles was asked by a white U.S. government official, “You have observed the white mand for 90 years.  You’ve seen his wars and his technological advances.  You’ve seen his progess, and the damage he’s done.”

The Chief nodded in agreement.

The official continued, “Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?”

The Chief stared at the government official then replied,

“When white man find land, Indians running it, not taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water.  Women do all the work, medicine man free, Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing all night having sex.”

Then the Chief leaned back and smiled, “Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.”


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As a native myself(mostly white but status), wise natives are wise, stupid natives are stupid, there is no middle. Many natives have problems(reservations cause these problems) and their problems are bad, but natives that get beyond those problems(leave the reservations and live like white people) usually thrive really well.


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Didn’t the native Americans wipe out another group of people when they came across from chink island?


[–] Maroonsaint 4 points 1 points (+5|-4) ago 

People of color...were all people of color. White peoples are the snow people. Black people are the monkey people. Chinese are the bucket people. Brown...fuck you