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Good, maybe some of America's industriousness and notions about fair play rubbed off on them.

The problem with Mexico is Mexicans. Sending some slightly Americanized spics back is the best thing that can happen to that nation of slow-ass, stupid-ass people.

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Imagine how many of these spics listen to Rage Against the Machine and follow that message of fake oppression, and burned our flag, or said things to the degree of "fuck America", but the moment they got back home, they were like, "fuck I had it better than good in America." and now they're humbled, and don't have a bad word to say about "the evil white man." Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

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Maybe if these assholes had Old Glory up more than that Mexican Rag here in America, they might not have been deported. Its fucking simple. Live in America, become American.

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Apply for citizenship and pay your fair share like everyone else.

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Then they go back to mexico and won't assimilate back into the culture they refused to abandon. They think they are above it all.

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There is no such thing as 'become american'. White=Europeon=American, everything else is white genocide and bullshit. These people are aliens and invaders.

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Thank you! Seems a lot of this site is still civic-nationalists.

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Funny how it's a big problem for quasi Americanized Mexicans to re-integrate in Mexico, who have Mexican parents and speak Spanish. However, it's not a problem for Mexicans to enter America who can't speak English at all and have no connection to the country.

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Sshhh, empathy goyim, empathy... Do not bring your logic here.

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Now the important question: will Little L.A. improve the area because it's bringing America to Mexico, or will it make the area worse because it's bringing L.A. to Mexico?

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LA is already Mexican so it isn’t bringing anything different

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LA is worse than most of America, but better than (most?) of Mexico, so it should make the area better.

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The million-tax-dollar question

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Irrc I read somewhere that on average the higher IQ people of a population are more likely to emigrate if they have reason to believe there's greener grass elsewhere. This deprives their homeland of their greater productive capacity (hence the stereotype of some immigrants, illegal or otherwise, working really fucking hard), which makes it easier for the current problems of their homeland to get worse making the next generation of higher IQ population want out that much more.

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I had to chuckle at that.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=_hIwyU44CEQ :

Increase in US deportees leads to rise of "Little L.A." in Mexico City - YouTube

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see thats not so bad. people speaking english, a job lined up as soon as you get there. MMGA!

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You mean "MMG"?

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I'll settle for Make Mexico Not Suck.

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Any have any real numbers on deportation rates? Everything I hear is a decrease in deportations.

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