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... is it backstroke if there are no arms to stroke with?

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He was swimming on his back

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Ok. Which backstroke was he doing then?

Backstroke: Done while lying on the back. One arm reaches behind the head with a fingertip entry while the other arm is by the side.

Elementary backstroke: Both arms move synchronized (They begin out like an airplane, then go beside the body like a soldier then they run up your sides and back out to an airplane position) with whip kick (breaststroke kick).

Forward backstroke: Done with lying on back and floating. Arms parallel to the surface, moving reverse to backstroke.

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No it's cheating.

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Back stroke? Where does the "stroke" part of it appear? This freak shouldn't be permitted to compete against men with arms. What he's doing is completely different from what they are doing.

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LOL!!! He was like a human torpedo!

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What did they do, strap him onto a torpedo?