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Tell me that didn't look exactly like a National Geographic video of three apes ooking-out over a perceived threat to their tribal dominance.

As a matter of fact, you could watch that video, side-by-side, with the early scene from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey where the apes chimp-out after beating one of the opposing tribe's apes to death with their newfound weapon... exactly the same shit.

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If you listen in the background, some of their vocalizations sound like a chimp.

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That's because their relatives were fucking monkeys, literally, dumb nigger, fucked a monkey and hence the start of the nigger race.

"Said in Dennis Hoppers voice".

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...you're right. It's kind of astounding, how similar such behavior is.

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If black culture is anti-american (doesn't tolerate other cultures without violence and confrontation), why can't we go back to segregation?

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Honest answer: Jewish controlled media, internet, and academia controls the flow of information in such a way that the general public is put in a position where they cannot come to reasonable conclusions. We read about book burnings and wonder how it could ever happen, but anyone who studies or discusses race is blackballed.

I searched for any alternative to that conclusion for a while.

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Oh It will and the blacks won't be anywhere near whites don't you worry

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This is a great instructional video on how NOT to carry yourself when dealing with an escalating conflict. Notice the slouched body stature, the lack of awareness and unauthoratative tone. You gotta use the Dad voice when dealing with niggers or unruly people, the tone of the Dad voice is what snaps people out of their niggeredom; it reminds them of the "man" and all things more powerful and uncontrollable to them. Learn the dad voice when dealing with niggers.

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The dude is a security guard, sat in a 4 hour class, and is being paid $10. Can't blame him for not knowing how to be a wild animal tamer.

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He didn't watch the feet. A lot of people say watch hands, and yes that pertains to reaching for weapons. But you can always tell when someone is going to throw a punch if you watch the feet.

Look in the vid how the attacker positions the foot prior to the sucker punch. People always establish at least somewhat of a base before throwing a punch. Always. Around blacks you never relax.

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unless he is Jackie Chan on roids, or has a gun he is fucked with multiple opponents. I would say fuck all apart from finding out who is the mouth piece, the leader. If you cannot cope with this guy you will always be done. In a group if you go up and fuck up the leader without saying a word you can win. But this dude is trying to do an impossible job.

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It's similar when you trick a crazy dog at a farm or rural area that you are not afraid of it and keep walking, ignoring the barking dog, because once they sense the fear, they will bite you. You should always have a plan ready before hand like stabbing the fucking dog if it does bite you or stabbing niggers.

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Exactly. I worked for the electric company and had deal to deal with many a nigger and violent pitbull.

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After growing up with/raising several dogs I can now catch a dogs lower jaw and clap it's mouth shut as it's jumping at me, then pin and (if it's a bad dog actually trying to bite) nip a ear and let him run away.

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I heard if you rip a dogs legs apart at the teeth end, that will fuck its heart, any truth in this? Always though it is better to pull them from the back first, because if it can lock its jaws, one of your limbs is gone. A kick to the head should do most dogs but not the proper fighting dogs, they are bred to take that shit like a fly on the brow.

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Normal nigger behavior, this is not news.

I would have openly cheered if the security guard would have shot a dozen of them dead right there. The collective IQ in that group is probably less than their shoe size.

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The funny part is, that next time he is in the situation, he is gonna come down hard and then some dumb butch we call him out asking "why u gotta be so unreasonable, yousa racism"

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its ALWAYS about racism. ask any nigger, its their go to answer every fucking time.

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Just throw a plugged in toaster on a drop cord in the water. BZZZZZZZZZZT. A dozen dead niggers only wets the appetite, need to think bigger.

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I like the way you think sir.

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Do you think a toaster would provide enough electricity though? I would think that a cut off extension cord with a weight tied to the end would be better... That way you could get some force behind it when you throw it in the pool from a distance, say from the other side of the fence or somewhere by some bushes so no one could see you that well...

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ywV9llEKa9A :

Florida security guard is assaulted for trying to end a pool party - YouTube

This has been an automated message.

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Disgusting niggers.

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Hooktube link for anyone NOT wanting to give jewtube money?

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@derram's bot got it a little bit ago, but thanks, goat!

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must of been a kiddie pool

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Typical Dindus.

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