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Notice the clothes the kids are wearing, They are from generous white people who won't let nature take it's course.

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In Haiti, an ISLAND in the middle of the Caribbean. There is nothing but fish, lobster, crabs, and conch. How would someone ever survive in such a place?...

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Haiti is also a perfect growing climate. When it was a french territory Haiti was a fully functioning Plantation. Everything grows there. Before the Europeans and Africans arrived there were indigenous Americans that lived on the island for hundreds of years eating tropical fruits. It's a shithole now.

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The waters in Haiti aren't nearly that rich and the fact that it is a densely populated island means that it doesn't have a lot of land to grow food, even less good, fertile land.

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Tropical climate, year round growing season, plenty of rainfall... "Lets eat mud!"

Should have learned from the French and French Creoles instead of slaughtering them.

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I believe these are made from bentonite clay.... which is not "dirt"

the clay is well known for it positive health benefits it can bring. It does taste like shit tho, the only thing they got correct. (which is why they add stuff to it) I have a bag of it in my kitchen...

bentonite is often used in homemade tooth paste, and heavy metal detox.

This is a MSM retarded hit piece video, never believe MSM lies

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All that work that could be focused on farming or fishing...

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Don't they know how to fish?? Retarded.

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And for dessert they eat each others shit. I see why not.

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