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>men are taller than women. Its a biological fact.



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Some semi-conscious progressive will stand up and say, "I know a woman who is taller than a man, so it isn't true." That's the level of their reasoning abilities. It's the argument they use to claim that blacks don't have lower IQs than whites.

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Black swans exist, therefore white swans have chromanormative privalege and should swim with their beaks low in shame and guilt.

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Er, but they kinda do: White Privilege Swan

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Differantiating anecdotes from data really ought to be an exam subject.

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So more or less the same logic conservatards use on climate change denial. "It's cold by me today so climate change isn't real."

Those who live in glass houses, buddy.

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that logic is used by both groups. I see plenty of "ugh this shitty weather we have today is more proof of climate change!"

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What a bunch of neon haired faggots lol

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fucking idiots, delusion twats.

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A woman states a statistical observation. Agitators call her "brainwashed" and the statements "fascist." For those that didn't click through, this is a clip from James Damore at Portland State (2/17/18).

An anti-SJW blatherer would deconstruct the "facts" these "deniers" protest to illustrate an "aversion to reality," and end up using the same words and phrases as their target. Maybe that's intentional strategy on the Left's part. Hysteria is a red herring to cover the smell of the rotting brains radical centrists share with them.

The tactic in play here, which is successful with the danger-hairs, leverages statistical exceptions to generate, rather than to prove, a rule. That is, activists become righteous among themselves by countering averages and preponderances with outliers. That's not just bad math, but fundamentally bad reasoning.

This is the basis every spokesman and activists uses to promote multiculturalism to the squishy masses. Boggle at hysteria all you want. That achieves nothing. My question is, why does this statistical lie work? Sure, people are bad at statistics. But why are they so bad at simple categorization? This is basic human information processing, and it's being abused to murder us.

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My question is, why does this statistical lie work?

They probably hear the fact of men being stronger on average as a claim that all women are weak and can't do anything physical, then respond with a counterexample that disproves this. This works because they constantly spin generalities into absolute statements about all members, e.g. when attacking whites, men, etc. It comes naturally to only hear the spun version when hearing facts.

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I am making this as a separate post because I think it is different enough. The BBC just produced another atrocity. They used the word "respect." They are manipulating language. What does "respect" mean? Well, it means a wide range of things. What I suspect they are doing is trying to manipulate the public initially into thinking they are simply talking about the minimal level of respect sort of known as basic human decency. E.G., when an immigrant stranger says, "Hello," you shouldn't call him a fucking asswipe. Okay, fine. But once this thought of respect gets into your brain, they will say, "Well, we all know we should respect them, this has already been agreed upon." Then they will make the term subtly shift to a stricter level where you should "respect" him not wanting you to eat bacon in public, then not having your dog in his area, to eventually respecting sharia law, etc.

The fuckers have done this with abortion. Now, infanticide is coming on the table. They've done this with homosexuals. Now, the repulsive transexuals are on the table. This is how they operate. I am not sure what to do, because it seems like their Jew tactics work effectively.

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I've noticed this. It is a deviant wordplay. For example, if I say something like, "Retarded green people are ...," it is presumed by Leftists that I mean all green people are retarded instead of merely that those green people that happen to be retarded are [something].

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=uLRBodKsgTA :

SJW Triggered by "men are taller than women" - gets swiftly removed by taller, stronger man - YouTube

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I think just by saying that in the UK you can be arrested.

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Make that 'Heterosexual' instead of cis. Cis is an insult.

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they will set you on fire

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They'll have to find a typewriter first.

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I'm officaly ready for ww3 after seeing that

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