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Israel written all over it...

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I called him puppetic from the beginning.

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so if he is a puppet. why would he not have a smooth transition and not bring the jews to light. after he got a elected a lot more people know of the jew

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OP, just ignore that this president has gotten more heat from the kike establishment than any president ever. So soon you forget that, as if the kikes WANT their puppet impeached...

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  1. I doubt that he will be impeached

  2. So what if he gets impeached, not like it means anything. Slick Willy got impeached and not shit else happened to him.

  3. Yes he got heat from the kikes. He also has been capitulating to Israel from day one. Moving the embassy, giving tons of money, ETC.

His actions have taken a strange turn lately. Appointing a fucking NeoCon like Bolton. Bombing Syria after being vocal against it during the Obama years. Saying we are looking to get back into the TPP after pulling out of it on day one.

Shits getting fuckey. You can say it's 4D chess but it looks to me like either (((they))) got to him or it was a long-con. I hope I'm wrong.

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You actually believe in 'body language'?

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[cocks head, raises eyebrow]

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[lifts leg, farts]