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I think "telling the truth" is the actual definition of anti-semitism

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Technically, disparaging the Jews in any way, is considered anti-semitism. You can disparage a heck-of-a-lot of Jews simply by stating facts. So... yeah.

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I was curious what the technical definition of "disparage" was, in the context of laws and such. I came across this little gem from Mirriam-Webster:

In Middle English, to disparage someone meant causing that person to marry someone of inferior rank. Disparage derives from the Anglo-French word desparager, meaning "to marry below one's class." Desparager, in turn, combines the negative prefix des- with parage ("equality" or "lineage"), which itself comes from per, meaning "peer." The original "marriage" sense of disparage is now obsolete, but a closely-related sense ("to lower in rank or reputation") survives in modern English. By the 16th century, English speakers (including Shakespeare) were also using disparage to mean simply "to belittle."

Thought you might find it interesting as well. I think you could technically make the argument that if you aren't of peerage to begin with, it's highly unlikely you can even BE disparaged. Akin to how the Greeks believed a tragedy could only be about a God/King. A regular person getting ruined just isn't that tragic, since they didn't have very far to fall in the first place.

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And how they define racism and sexism. The world has no place for the truth anymore.

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The truth is the single greatest antisemitic argument. Why else do you think they fight so hard to suppress it?

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Not that I want the downgoats, but as I understand it Israel is at the forefront of a lot of cutting edge technology and engineering and science, whether it be medical or military tech.

That seems like our alliance with them would constitute a strategic alliance, no?

Def not enough to warrant dual citizenship here or engaging in Syrian war, but some support as a quid pro quo for tech advancements we receive? I’m not sure, Im just repeating what I’ve read or heard.

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Israel is nothing but a liability to the entire world.

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Any Jewish entity is a net loss to the host. Like a parasite.

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... as with any parasitic creature. Except jews are now arrogant enough to think they can get away with killing the host nations they infest. Shall we let them?

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Like you said, Isreal is not a partner, but a dangerous parasite that ultimately kills its host. It has never been a friend to anyone. In fact, it is very hostile. I can't find a single reference to act Isreal has done other than to slight another country. It is threatening Poland right now and desperately try to prevent them from discovering the truth about Jedwabne. The Jewish narrative is Polish people burned 1600 jews in a barn. However, the jews do not want the Polish government to dig up the area to find the truth because it would ruin the carefully constructed lie.

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The way it's being couched, though, is they're still beating the Poles up for doing the world a favor.

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Polish took part in "the oppression"

More like the Poles realized that a vicious predator in their midst needs to be put down, for the health and safety of all those who live there. I am impressed with these heroes. They should tear down the monument to lies (muh oppression) and erect a monument to the true heroes there that saved their community and their society.

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Death to Israel.

Gas the kikes.

Race war now!

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This is idiotic. “CIA vet” says something. Ooohhhh!

He doesn’t “site”. He “cites”. And he doesn’t even do that because he states an opinion, not a fact. He acts as though raw respurces are the only valuable resource one might value. He knows better, too, or he is truly an idiot (like many former CIA vets I know).

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Maybe no strategic worth to the US as the nation.

But for US politicians taking Israeli "paycheck," Israel is their livelihood.

There's a reason why only like around 3 countries in the world who are not Israeli ally/puppet states. The problem with representative democracy is that it becomes really easy to buy off the so called "representative" when you are a banker who print shekels.

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