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How the fuck does one become an "Expert on gas chambers"? That one definitely wasn't on the career aptitude test.

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It's not something you just walk into...

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This made my Monday a lot better. Thank you.

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Technically anyone can be called an expert, but this guy actually built execution devices for various departments of correction. Interestingly enough, this guy was charged with "engineering without a license," but its unclear what he "unlawfully" engineered.

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You need a license to just build shit now wtf?

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There could be gas chambers used in industrial purposes where the things being gassed are not human or even living. Something like a process where a gas is used to apply a coating to a surface.

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All death camps were found in soviet controlled areas after the war by soviets. All death camps were off limits to allied forces and those related for years as the soviets maintained a high degree of alert entering into the cold war.

None of the concentration camps found in allied controlled areas were ever determined to have been death camps.

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Also amazing how there were not any mass graves (remember six million were killed and we are told the main way they were killed is gas chambers) at or near any of the "death camps". I mean, were the nazis that stupid to use expensive/inefficient methods at killing and then air lift the dead bodies to drop them away from the "death camps" to hide what they were doing? We should be finding graves of up to 50k, maybe 100k since it would be impractical to dig 1k person graves when you are killing over 1k per day at each camp.

Sooooooo, I would love for a holocaust believer to explain to me where all these dead bodies went. The best proof that the holocaust happened is dead bodies at or near the "death camps". Sure you'll find 1 or 2 mass graves with a couple thousand skeletons but they don't add up to six million. (1k + 2k + 3k +4k) x 5 /=/ six million

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I visited a couple so here's what I was told. They used furnaces to incinerate the bodies, crushed up the remains, and mixed the ashes with the cobble walkways. As quote "a final insult to the Jews."

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I think the six gorillion figure comes from all deaths during the war, so lynchings, liquidation of communists in the ukraine etc. but in history class they certainly imply extremely hard that they were all gassed.

I'd imagine a good portion of them were actually holodomor victims and it was a chance for the soviets to get their bookkeeping in order.

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So we can conclude that jewish holocaust was just a soviet union propaganda. And then we can conclude that soviet union was run by jews.

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Why did this propaganda become useful for the allies though.

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Here is an interview with him post jewish shitstorm. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=eB-uPWxrhuA

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Here is what I think is a copy of the report mentioned and subsequent reports by the same author.


Here is what I assume is the official response as it's on the auschwitz website, I dunno if there's an actual discrediting of the content of the documents.


Wikipedia has gone full crazy on this guy from the looks of it.

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01:12:04 - "We wuz Nazi's n' sheeit!"

Fantastic how even the Jew resorts to making their enemies look negroid when attacking them in their propaganda: black skin, wide nose, big mouth... and look at the poor white Jews! Oy Vey!!

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wooden doors no gud????????

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Only for delousing.

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A floor drain doesn't have to be tied into the whole facilities storm systems. It could be a 100 meter conduit leading outside the facility into some ditch. Instead of assuming it was connected to all the storm systems I would have like them to have fished the conduit to see where it lead to.

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I would have been satisfied with one guy yelling into a drain and seeing if the sound can be heard in the drains of other rooms. Not scientific, but better than nothing.

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More likely they would do a smoke test but even in that scenario it would put German soldiers at risk.

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Smoke test is for testing leaks. I was talking about fishing the conduit to see where it drains to.

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Without watching the video. I'm guessing he is an expert, not an (((expert))).

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He designed the gas chambers used in American prisons, gives a demo how they work. He was used in a court hearing in Canada back in the early 90's along with historian and "holocaust denier" David Irving.

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American Chambers all use Hydrogen cyanide gas which is Zyklon B. It vaporizes or condenses depending upon the direction you want to go, at 70°F that means in order to utilize it, you have to pump air at least 80°F through the ZyklonB carrier to effective "gas" a person. Then you need to pump 90°F air through chamber to clean it and prevent the Hydrogen Cyanide condensation.

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Makes sense. Boiling point of 25’C makes it a tricky endeavor in freezing Polish winters to keep the gas from precipitating. Unless the Germans could control both the temperature and the pressure of the “chambers” - which by the way had multiple gaps, openings and vents - then using HCN is about the most inefficient method available to them. Let’s not forget the Germans had exclusive access to the potent nerve agents, all 32,000 tons produced over the war period, which were never used and mg/mg were far more potent than any poison gas.

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That's downright uncanny!

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