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She makes an error when she says the police were really nice to her. That is a bit like having your head still in the clouds they did everything they could to get her to break the law while in custody. The question about wanting to run a car into Muslims was about getting her to suggest Muslims are more likely to do that. Then on top of it they gave her a lifetime ban from the entire country. That is not being nice and it isn't her job to make their job easy for them.

It's called shit rolling uphill. Nobody gives a damn if the customer service agent they talk to on the phone is personally responsible for whatever the problem is. People give customer service shit, customer service demands higher pay. That's how it works.

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I think her comments are more about the policemen being nice and her real problem being with the higher-ups who made them do this...

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=9Kzkgd-GLrk :

EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Southern Breaks Silence On Her Arrest - YouTube

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when the hell was she/he/it silent about this? She/He/It live tweeted the whole damn thing. The title of the video isn't clickbait, it's fake news.

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Is this coal burning jewess asking for her cuck fan base to donate shekels? ah ah ah This was a publicity stunt, goys. When you look at her snaggle-toothed mouth just know that every night it is wrapped around a big nigger dick.

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Whatcha doing there rabbi?

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If you don't know who @cheesebooger is, I'm far more suspicious of your Judaism than I am of his.

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17 days? Jew, I've been here since day one. I created a new account. Make sure you send some shekels to that snaggle-toothed kike nigger whore.

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Lauren Southern is waiting for Nazi Christian Grey to free her from the burden of repeating Stefan Molyneux and Identitarian talking points.

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Mud. Shark. Jewess.