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$100K, um... no thanks. My Waverunner can do 65 MPH and do many of the same tricks. I'll admit that the underwater bit is cool, I can't do that stuff, but when you're talking about $100,000.00, I think I can skip the underwater bit and still be happy - it looks like you can only go a couple of feet underwater anyway. Someone will fork over the cash, I'm sure, but there is no way that thing is worth $100K. It looks like a nicely modified PWC to me.

Wicked post though. That thing is definitely cool.

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Engineering that thing could easily cost $100,000. It has to withstand a LOT of dynamic pressure and fail safely. I'm surprised it's that cheap.

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I didn't say engineering the thing didn't cost 100K, now did I? I'm pretty sure my point was that the price was not worth the gain to me. You want one, go buy one, then you can hump that thing every day and talk about how cheap it is as you cum on its intake.

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Yeah I agree, the price tag is unreasonable. Other than that, still a fun toy for the filthy rich other than the inevitable spine damage

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Am I the only one who thinks it’s not unreasonable? I’m not sure exactly everything that’s gone in to this but the engineering is insane.

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Looks hard to control, couldn't quite make it over that pontoon.

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Can you fish from it? Seems like this thing would be a blast for a couple of weekends and then lose it's "wow" factor unless you get your kicks from being the center of attention.

Would be cool if you could fish from it.

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It's the submarine that Cuthbert Calculus invented for Tintin in Red Rackham's Treasure