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Shit like this makes humanities technological advancements look like magical powers.

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He has already surpassed the technological advancements of the indigenous people of Australia. Who squandered the land for 40 000+ years.

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He passed up all of Africa's technological advancements with his first video

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He's been getting into technologies that required specialization and living permanently in settled locations. Those two things required farming. He also has the advantage of already knowing how to make things like ceramics and lime and knows what they require. He wasn't figuring it out from nothing like people did thousands of years ago.

Australia's aborigines didn't develop farming because they didn't have a collection of suitable indigenous plants and animals to domesticate. The only Australian plant that's been successfully domesticated is the macadamia tree. If there were a suitable set of indigenous plants and animals in Australia I'm sure that they would have developed farming.

Europe also lacked suitable indigenous plants and animals. Crops like wheat and barley along with animals like cattle and sheep had to be imported from the middle east, along with the methods of farming.

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True, with the help of the internet

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Who peacefully squandered the land for 40 000+ years, unlike some.

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You should really link directly to independent youtuber's videos, that's the only way they make revenue and it's bad enough on youtube for creators right now. Feel free to hooktube all the corporate channels, though, they don't deserve shit for revenue.

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I wonder if that works with limestone? Lots of limestone where I live, they use it for roads. I should build a fire and cook some and see if it does that. Yet another side project while out fishing and camping.

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Roman concrete used volcanic ash.

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What is great is this guy still does that and by this point im pretty sure he's made a lot of money off these videos.

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Like a limestone cowboy duhn duhn...sorry

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We used to play manhunt when I was kid unfortunately. Maybe I'll make a video on how to hide in trees an piss on your friends when they forget to look up.

This guy is legend.

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That doesn't look like a lime. How you even get that brick into a Corona?

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Has Trump called him to be an adviser yet?

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