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Wasn't this the guy who offered the reward, had a "holocaust survivor" confront him with "I was there! that's your proof" and was dragged to court and forced to pay the reward?


He submitted a long, frequently poignant affidavit relating that he was arrested in the spring of 1944 with his parents, two sisters and a brother, and that a month later, after three days and two nights of travel in a railroad boxcar, they were delivered by SS troops to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Poland.

That's not what I would ever, ever consider "proof".

“In my imagination, in my mind, I believed it,” he told “Good Morning America.” “Even now, I believe it, that she was there and she threw the apple to me.”

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David Irving brings out the jeebies in the heebies like no one else. He read the Leuchter Report in the '90's and realized the whole "holocaust" thing was a hoax, and he said so. The yids literally assaulted him. Later he said that jews were executed at the Action Reinhardt camps but he never offered any proof.

I really like his books. He's a great researcher and writer and probably the best historian of NS Germany, but he hasn't learned that Red Sea Pedestrians never forget and never forgive. Once you rile them, they never let up on you.

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Interesting. As as history buff now i just have to find where I can get his books without being out on a list for doing so.

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You can buy them direct at fpp.co.uk

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lol.. He has no proof it actually happened. The closest thing is the Red Cross records (about 300k).

But he wants you to prove a negative.

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Ref: Mel Mermelstein, Liberty Lobby, Willis Carto, JDL Fire Bombing.

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Hey OP. Why are you using the term "holocaust denier"? No one denies the "holocaust". If Irving is asking for cash rewards it is about a specific detail of the holocaust that is questionable. Don't use their labels to tar and feather people, you're doing the Jews' work for them!

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If you actually watched the video, you'd have seen him cover the way courts are corrupted and how he is under constant attack from (((Them))). He also talks about his time in jail. Does that mean he was wrong in his assertions?