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Good luck to these people. It will be like fighting off a zombie horde. Niggers will destroy everything in their path. And if a white person gets caught by these animals they will wish they were dead. There's no honor or respect or rules of war when fighting these animals.

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Literally savages.

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No. Just, no.

Fuck you and your well wishes.

How can I help? I am serious.

What can I do to help?

We are less than 10% of the world's population now. We MUST band together, or die out.

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Go to South Africa and genocide niggers.

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Start petitioning the public and the Trump admin with viral videos advocating sanctuary for white South African refugees and intervention through sanctions, or even Military support, if you think that our military should be used this way.

Yes, I'm 100% in favor of using the United States military to spread 'democracy' with bombs and bullets in South Groidland to save the lives of oppressed white farmers.

The USA is a groid nation itself, and to ever have a true western white alliance, we need to use what is left of the dying supremacy of the US to create a lasting cohesion with the remaining race of people that founded our once great nation.

Using our military to protect innocent white people from genocide is more sensical than anything else we've ever used it for.

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why not move there and see if you can help the boers

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Flamethrowers, that and punji stick traps. Use the gook method and booby trap the shit out of everything.

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Save one bullet for yourself so you don't get covered in tires and burned alive. They probably would eat you after that and post the video to facebook. Fucking animals.

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One thing I learned from history, when white people get mad they kill millions.

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When it comes to defending themselves from claims of racism on the international scene the very first thing they should say is that the land was uninhabited except for a few scattered hardy bush people until the dutch settled it and that the blacks came for the good life that the whites could provide them afterwards. South Africa was never a black country until the hordes of niggers migrated from the north outnumbering the whites long after it was settled similar to how multiculturalism is leading to muslims taking over western nations now.

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I shocked my Wife today by saying the exact same thing, she was like "I can see why the blacks would be angry, they just wanted their country back".

Then I told her the truth. It's a major red pill.

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This was a deliberate tactic used to exterminate whites from africa, it happened in haiti, zimbabwe and now it's happening in south africa.

These same events are happening in all white nations on Earth save for a few in Europe. What I am saying is, whites won't survive accidentally, they cast whites as this evil land stealing group in Australia and North America as well.

There were 1.8 million native americans when whites arrived in the USA, most died of disease long before whites arrived. We claimed east of the Mississippi, we bought the rest and gave NAs massive resirvations, paid them just to exist ever since. Point is we owe nobody anything, but jews aim to cast whites as something else. If whites want to survive they require keeping their nations white just like they had to do in south africa to survive.

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At this point the question should be asked how much would a one off payment have cost? When it's revealed that we've paid many times that amount white guilt should be ended on the spot.

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Too bad that there isn't any white countries to even help them...

White Unity is my phantom pain...

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As whites, were expected to take care of ourselves but I see it's time for that to change and it has for me.

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I recommend our kinsmen in South Africa start shooting niggers en masse.

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At least she's not wearing those skimpy tops for views anymore.

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A lot of money was dumped into killing her career (the shills on /pol were endless) but it won't work. That woman is not just a pretty face she has a sharp mind and goes to where the enemy makes their camp.

The same shills have been going after Dr. Peterson and other libertarians just to divide us. Fuck them, they won't win.

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Even in this vid, I wish she'd dress more modestly, and wear less makeup. It's the most bothersome aspect of her content. I'm tuning in for the subject matter, not to check her out, like some instagram whore.

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Don't know if you're familiar with her history, but she's jewish, and when not having sex with blacks and browns, she said something like: "I dress up as [anime character] and guys masturbate to me". Gives context to her new role, although she's toned it down a lot lately. Anyway, there are pics and screenshots and such from the recent firestorm around all that.

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I wonder: which American company will take South African tax dollars to help the government track down the ringleaders and silently purge them? Google, Facebook, or Apple?

Utilizing just 1% of the data that any of those companies has on a person would likely be enough to establish their entire social graph, compute a metric valuing how likely they are to take action against the government, and predict where and when it'd be most convenient to snatch them off the street in secret.

Your Android phone or iPhone logs your location and reports it to Google, along with the UUIDs of the cell towers you encounter and your triangulated position, even if GPS is turned off. It uploads your contact list and knows your entire search and browsing history. Facebook knows every opinion you've shared publicly, along with tracking you on any site where you didn't block the Facebook Like button, 1x1 tracking pixels, or a number of other different methods.

These companies could charge a tidy sum to provide that information.

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(((She)))'s not gonna help whitey when she's banging Tyrones.

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She's not going to help whitey period, no decent white man would have her at this point, what's left literal cuckolds and betas yet to realize they're being cucked either literally or metaphorically?

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