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My system now is to eat one meal a day, and low carb, around morning/lunch time. I never feel hungry.

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Any suggestions for meals to eat in the mornings?

@hafen I like what you're saying. What do you think?

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You can look up a keto breakfast, as it's similar. Personally I eat some combination of eggs, bacon, butter, ham, sausage, melted cheese. Don't be afraid of the fat/oil. Just no sugar, or carbs. So no bread or sugary fruit. Low glycemic green veggies are ok. Whether you can section off your fat from sugar/carbs, makes or breaks it.

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Thanks for the reply

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Im sick of seeing this pedo.

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Who's the pedo?

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Well then kick him out of your house.

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Yeah nutrition from a psychologist....sure....

Why so skeptical?

I don't doubt you, as everyone's different, and some people can/can't handle it, or at least some more than others. He's given this advice a couple times, and in another appearance cited study and the biological underpinning for why protien/fat in the morning reduces anxiety. It's something he throws into the mix when seeing clients suffering from anxiety. Gave one story I remember about an anxious client that also was basically starving herself due to unrealistid dieting, and it helped cure it.

Not only is it related to his job, but Peterson in general has personal vendetta with nutrition, as his family has bad food allergies, and so research into nutrition and foods that reduce inflammation have sorta been mandatory for them. His daughter grew up with lots of health issues, and diet changes seemed to help, which is shared here: https://mikhailapeterson.com/

IMO, compared to what else he discusses, it's one of the more unremarkable topics, but still may be of use to some.

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What are Mr. Peterson's views on clean underwear?

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You can be cynical about the "minutia" of self-help all you want, and while some stuff might seem obvious, you ignore the importance of individual improvement at your peril. What are your views on effective political change? Will restructring identifying what need be restructured, while you, or others around you are unkept and in the limelight, go over well? Are (pathways to) your grander conceptions and desires thought out well enough? Chances are no, as there are loads of problems for which we don't have awnsers to at the moment. The best we can do is approach them with our most tried-and-true methodology, and hope for the best. That's where Peterson is coming from with the self-help stuff. That people aren't what they could be, has non-trivial effect on the outcome of the world.

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The world is not a growth therapy theme park. If improvement is personal then you can't tell other how to go about it.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=eSpdrafiSbk :

Jordan Peterson On the importance of eating a good breakfast - YouTube

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