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Japanese know Kekistan https://kek.gg/i/3656pd.png

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If this guy lived in Europe he'd be arrested.

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If most people, in other parts of the world, lived in Europe: they'd be arrested. They're trying hard to win first place in the SJW Olympics.

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Nah most people from other parts of the world living in Europe are fine, its the poor native whites that are being oppressed by their governments while the immigrants take over.

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They are right. The masses of brainwashed useful idiots are a huge problem.

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He no likey brack people....

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You know, he seems like the kind of guy who would laugh and tell you to go back to israel.

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Black women dye their hair a lighter color or straighten it. Why? Are they not proud of their black hair? Are they trying to be white?

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That's one of my favourite of life's little ironies. All black women. All black women have at least some collection of weaves.

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white enablers)

I'm Anson, and I approve this message.

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So this is why they say Asians are the most racist...they don't fall for race baiting BS and they aren't afraid to call that shit out.

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I've told this story a few times on here, but I'll tell it again. This girl from class and I were just having the hardest time getting through trigonometry at university. The professor wasn't bad, I think we were just slow. We started going to tutoring, which was full of mathematics graduate students, I don't know, doing community service for seeking a masters in mathematics or whatever. Full of Asians.

So this girl and I, we're caught up on this one problem, and we just can't wrap our brains around it. This Chinese dude, like straight off the boat Chinese, spoke really really hard to understand broken Engrish. "Erkaaaay."

He proceeds to melt our brains, and completely warp our minds to understand the equation and he does this all in less than 5 minutes. With this new understanding of how the universe operates, we're both able to get the solution in a matter of seconds. We're both sitting there slackjawed in amazement as he starts to walk off because we no longer needed his help.

I'm like, wait wait wait, no, how the fuck did you do that? Not the equation, but explain it in such a way that I could understand it immediately?

"My fatha tell me that the reason Chinese so good at math is because China make so much rice, and Chinese had to count all the rice for the Emperor."

Then he left it at that and walked away.

Asians are just willing to admit that there's differences between the races.

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been hearing that a lot recently, that the reason why asians are so good at math is because the calculations that went into farming rice paddies vs farming corn in the US where not much calculation is involved at all. that shit is incredibly interesting, but i bet you can find a group of (((people))) that would call it racist

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Love this guy!

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recently found out about him too. i love how he cuts straight to the point

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