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'Condition 1' means sucky, fucky time.

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It's a little blowy outside and inside ;)

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happy clappy time, yuk. I'd hate sloppy seconds of any woman trapped in the tundra

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That's why you get it first, dude.

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They get a fuckload of condoms sent to them for free. There's only the clap if you want it.


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Fails to close the door then all the sudden Kurt russel appears. Shits going down!

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I understood that reference!

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haha yeah... im kind of a big deal

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How long could I last out there naked before suffering permanent damage?

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You'd probably be dead by the time you finished texting that sentence.

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Although -100F is very cold, air is a poor conductor of heat and you would survive longer than if you jumped into almost frozen, mid 20s, sea water.

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Wind chill of -100 F below with wind gusts at 56 knots. Not long, estimated time you would survive at least a minute. With naked skin at the extremities shutting down due to severe frostbite and getting lost in the blizzard in seconds.

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It's like putting your arm outside the Snowpiercer.

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I work with people in oil on the north slope in alaska .... its no joke.... they walk into polar bear cages before leaving a building and they ae elevated.

they get all the food they want tho

they flying in and out, 3 week intervals

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How does one even get a job like that?

Always found that kind of stuff pretty interesting but not too many postings on Monster.

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just apply?

really you are on on the job non stop for 3 weeks, then flown out for 3 weeks. people get burned out from the schedule, and the place. I do know last christmas they served king crab for everyone.

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What is your specialty?

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Antarctica has always interested me. Anyone know of good documentaries about it other than The Thing?

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At the Mountains of Madness, HP Lovecraft

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They guy was a genius but he isn't recognized as such.

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Aliens vs Predator was an informative as well as entertaining documentary.

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March of the Pengiuns and a bunch of BBC euro documentary like Poles in Peril bunch of ancient aliens conspiracy stuff, Whiteout is a thriller crime fiction drama, The Endurance is historical and Antarctic Journal from Korea there is also a Japanese movie I can not remember.....also you could always just go for movies/docu about the North Pole?

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They should change that closing statement to "not possible".

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The inside of the building they live in looks remarkably nice

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Well I mean people spend months at a time there. I would hope they have some creature comforts.

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It's like college dorms, really. Some of the buildings are nicer and newer than others.

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