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The quality of material doesn't matter if it isn't designed and installed properly. This looks to be either an engineer or contractor failure. Overhang wind loading can be significantly higher than the rest of the component cladding loading, particularly with large surface areas like in the video. If the cladding anchorage isn't sufficient, either by design or installer skimping, it can rip out easily.

However it's entirely possible than the anchorage was deficient from the factory and neither the engineer or contractor are at fault.

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Most good engineers factor in the quality of the material. China went through a construction boom and it's most likely the contractors cut corners to meet deadlines or worked with poorly trained employees. These kind of problems will keep showing for decades.

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Given that high-rise that just fell over because they undermined it to make a parking garage, the shoddy quality of buildings in their ghost cities, and the notorious "quality" of their goods over the decades, it's going to be a wondrous nightmare over there.

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It's called Chinesium.

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Keep yer dick in a vice.

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Chinese steel is ass.

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When your people are disposable, safety doesn't matter.