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That was my first thought too, but anything KDC gets attention so here's the video. Do as you see fit

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I think "gabai" is some Jewish word. Meaning servent of the rabbi or some shit like that. :/

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Did you know rabbi sounds like rib eye if you’re stupid enough to think like I do?

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They didn't censor Anglin when everyone else did, so they are good in my book.

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Gabbai is a Jewish word. Ramblinrambo redpilled me on that.

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It's a troll if I remember Torba's explanation.

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Theres also minds.com

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It's run by kikes. And censors.

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That fucking site is way too over complex and ambitious, is it trying to replace every single platform on the internet

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I wanna see it's code before I give them any data, but diaspora is still around.

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Nope, Gab dropped its free speech motto at the first sign of pressure. They also temporarily banned that bloke from The Daily Stormer, can't remember his name, for a fairly innocuous comment. Can't trust them.

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You mean the motto still found on the homepage?


Welcome to Gab, a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.

So.... they didn't ban anyone. They gave a guy a brief timeout for violating terms and conditions but allowed him to come back immediately after?

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He's a drama whore but I'm glad he's on our side.

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He's not on your side. All he wants is money.

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I want people who are on my side to profit from it. If helping our side is a profitable endevour then the behavior is encouraged by the market and we will win in the long term.

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The free market is not on my side. All it wants is money. And yet, it delivers what I want.

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And cheeseburgers. And beetus-drank.

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That's the most trustworthy reason. The kikes of Silicon Valley aren't into genociding whites for money. Just for religious reasons.

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Somebody make this man a salad fir fucks sake he can't go down.

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He'll eat it with a gallon of ranch dressing.

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Do you faggots even realize that this is 100% fake news? He just made some vague threat against twitter, he never said he'd go through with it and considering his track record, he never will.

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Writing software is difficult but it isn't that hard. There isn't any reason for there not to be 10 perfectly viable Twitter clones running out there.

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There are many twitter alternatives, they just don't have nearly as many users as twitter.

Except in rare circumstances, social media will always gravitate towards the site with the most users.

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do it faggot

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I heard he's going to name the new alternative, " Fritter ", after his favourite food.


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The serious problem with this is that twitter is not profitable. It's only used as an arm of social media control with hemorrhaging money.

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Twitter is run by imbeciles.

We've seen the most atrocious anti business behavior from a lot of religiously left fanatics. Like a gun store that alienated it's customers just to virtue signal.

Silicon Valley exists because of collusion, not because any of them is proficient in business.

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No one has even identified how twitter is gaming the system to have everyone believe it's losing money. How do we know the sustainability of twatter or any alternative?

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