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"That's a grown women right" best quote in the video

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I'd pay to see her interact with other inmates, talk about priceless entertainment.

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Wow, sounds like a fucking cat mewing...kek!

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Cant help thinking her dad later slapped her mom for not just swallowing instead.

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this has to be fake

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That is exactly how I expected it to go.

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Why didn't this dumb bitch just take off, if I saw this motherfucker approaching my car id be fucking GONE

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if you saw this motherfucker approaching your car because you missed payment on something that kept you out of jail, you would scram? because that sounds like nigger behavior all around right there

if you saw this motherfucker approaching you with the wrong information and he was talking to you like he was her, would you sit there and take it or straighten it out like a man? honestly and without violence unless it came to defending yourself or those innocents around you

blue pill or red pill

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I would leave either way, because people like this believe they have a right to use violence against you, and it is easier not dealing with them at all. If i owed someone, i would send them the money, and if not, i avoided a potential lethal altercation. It is easy to say something like "straighten it out like a man" until you realize placing yourself in a strategically inferior position, where your assailant is both armed, wearing armor, AND you are trapped inside a vehicle is a fools errand: you have no idea if the person is reasonable, or would even listen to reason, and waiting for him to be upon you where he has removed your options to leave is stupid. Someone armed approaches me in my vehicle for any reason, and i drive away if at all possible, because that is the smart thing to do.