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If you defend watching porn you're a fucking loser.

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That's one thing that seemed really bizarre to me about this comment in particular.

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Society once thought like this before. Shortly after all science was considered heresy and the Catholic Church started torturing people that thought such impure thoughts. That's a slippery slope you are on.

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physically punishing people =/= hoping people will improve themselves instead of watching porn

it's not condemning, it's just stating that there is no god/good in porn.

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I sort of agree with you but I'm not quite sure why I feel that it's correct. Can you give me your reasoning for why porn is so bad?

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It will turn you into a complacent faggot, look up your brain on porn.

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My interpretation is that porn rewires your brain. I read it years ago but there was a 4chan story about "the most fucked up thing you've jerked off to" thread and a guy was talking about how his answer was jc penny catalogues. He went on to describe his slippery slope, starting with bra advertisements all the way down to horse porn or poop or something and then when that didn't do it, he found the challenge of 'softer' porn more alluring. I don't know, I think it's just better to not do it.

Imagine a hero you have, and now imagine him jerking off to porn. It's just kind of sad.

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Does hentai count?

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Today's 'jew' is the synagogue if satan. Read your kjv folks.

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True dat man.

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Ignore this man unless you also want to sound like a superstitious wizard of idiocy. Read educational books that don't lean so heavily on manipulating the dumber portions of society.

Education begins with understanding, the bible doesn't beg of you understanding, it begs compliance and "faith". No free man touts the bible as a work of truth. Just someone that likely doesn't like the current rulers, so they've fashioned one that agrees with themselves out of fear of being leaderless. Even your own bible points out this infantile need of the israelites to have a leader.

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Read your propaganda children! Don't think for yourself!

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The one thing jews hate the most is when light is shined on them and their doings.

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Also, they own most of the gay porn industry.

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Damn Voat making me give up porn. This place is turning me into a better person.

[–] gazillions 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 

Porn was their last straw? Is that their Achilles heel? The porn industry is overtly a jewish one. It's undeniable and suddenly they're afraid of Americans becoming aware of it?

The merchandising of people by jews might not sit right with normal people when they start thinking about it. Shoving feminism on girls and then objectifying shiksas for shekels is kind of ugly if they do start thinking.

Feminists that want to be respected have no choice; take out the porn industry. That's so funny. Set the temperance ladies/fanatic feminists at them.

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The merchandising of people by jews might not sit right with normal people when they start thinking about it.

Normal people don't give a shit. They just like porn.

[–] gazillions 4 points -1 points (+3|-4) ago 

No. I said normal people, not self centered people verging on sociopathy. Doesn't matter, the good ladies of control will find them sooner or later and begin another, more rewarding witch hunt.

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A lot of virtue singling going on here... Let's just accept the premise that the porn industry is controlled by Jews. If you find porn so abhorrent, don't consume it. That's how supply and demand works. Jews or not Jews creating it, people are consuming it because they want it. Now Voat is acting like the the weak child who just can't control their urges. Jews may be creating it, but no one is forcing people to consume it except themselves. So hate the Jews for making it. But hate yourselves for consuming it and giving them the market. Unless you think the Jew is so powerful that have brainwashed you to consume it and you are incapable of taking responsibility for your own actions. In which case, you're pathetic and easily manipulated by people you purport to hate.

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I believe this was meant to spread awareness and bring to light the motives driving the industry and its leaders.

Why would you take offense to something informative?

The contradiction here is "if you don't like it don't watch it." ... you didn't have to watch this documentary.

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I found it very informative and interesting. I was specifically referring to the comments - people pointing the fingers at the creators, and not the consumers. They both play and integral part in the symbiotic relationship of supply and demand.

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