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hilarious! every bitchy talking point SHOT DOWN! excellent. i'll bet they don't invite HIM back.

edit:bonus point for mentioning isreal first!

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wow, that woman with the red hair is dripping with jewishness.

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She says she is an Italian decended Catholic. I think we know better that that.

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Kinda like how Bill Maher is Catholic.

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Oy vey, I think she dropped this.


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There were also people clapping his good points in the audience. How did that be allowed to happen? I bet the transients they drag in there with the promise of food aren't going to be invited back. Someone had better learn to filter them better or there'll be a new intern around there.

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Look at those filthy kikes cringing in pain because of the fact that this guy is totally right and all of their stupid Jewish trickery isn't working on him

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This is why it pays to have the facts ready to go. He shut down that filthy jewess in seconds with them