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“To inspire a man to fight for something, he must feel that it matters to him, and that the issues affect him directly.” – Quintus Curtius

Ladies. Want a man to protect you? Be a woman a man would want to protect. Respect him as you would want to be respected by him and he might be willing to make the time to learn and understand why he should protect you.

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Stupid women voted for these pro-refugee open border political parties.

You see pictures of anti-migrant protests, its almost all men. You see pictures of pro-migrant marches, you see tons of women

They made their bed, now they can get raped in it.


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Have to say you're probably not making your best arguments in this post. Video itself is just some pretty women speaking a foreign language.

while good women are raped and murdered

Well, here's part of the problem. We watched millions of NOT GOOD women marching around with pussy hats on their heads last year, but then they took them off... How do we separate them from the good women? Make a case for putting them back in their place or something. You're saying to generically protect women, but ignoring the millions who should have been strafed with 20mm cannon, then incinerated with flamethrowers.

some deep insecurity in yourself

Is this projection? If you've noticed, your replies are mainly shouting and ranting at people instead of explaining what's going on in the video, or making an argument for which women are good and why, and what exactly to do.

Are these some of the good women?


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"After their families were disappeared, tortured and murdered by Islamic State militants last year, young Yazidi women have armed themselves" Start acting like this and start taking back your country! The Yazidi women decided enough is a enough and to start taking the fight to the islamic garbage. Organize and fight back and don't act like frail lambs waiting to be slaughtered. FYI, most of the men in your respective countries are faggots and PC cowards who won't even stand up for themselves. How the fuck can you expect this group of cucks to stand up for you?


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She cries out as she shuns the bottom 80% of men to ride that sweet chad and nigger dick at parties every night. And after the whore is thoroughly used up and hit the wall she begs men to come back to the plantation. Don't be fooled.

Roastie BTFO


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I wouldn't fight for western women yet.

Only for my family.

Western women are fucking cancer.


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Women aren't maliciously doing this to our civilization, they are apathetically doing this. Women have never been decision makers in the human race, it doesn't even make sense for them to be decision makers. You cant have 100,000 years of evolution with the men hunting and deciding where the tribe goes and what the tribe does while the women are gathering and taking care of the offspring and then just decide only 4000 years ago that women are equal to men. Also note that when you hear the word "equality" dont think about a number scale, its not a number scale, its xx = xy, false, those two are not the same (equal)"

Part of the problem is that women were never required to know about tribalism, ancient women may have seen outsiders and thought "oh, other people" while the men of the tribe decided if they were similar enough to their tribe and if not they went and murdered all of them or otherwise sent them packing and the women are just like "oh".

We need to go back to that way of thinking. Women: "oh, there are poor third worlders wanting gibs" Men: "were*" Women: "oh"

My wife doesn't even ask me what her political opinion should be, she just doesn't talk about it because she knows its not something she should be concerned with. Shes one of the happiest women I've ever seen and we have the best relationship you could ever see. We have never had a "disagreement" like we have seen other couples have, the idea of a disagreement doesn't even make sense.

Find a woman of your own race who has her shit together, breed, raise your kids to be the same way. Everyone will be much happier.

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