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Fuck. That is so completely antithetical to Korea's entire culture and lives. They should block everyone of them from staying more than two weeks. They just don't deserve that shit in their home.

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Unfortunately a lot of American SJW's end up there because they can't cut it here and have been taking their bullshit and polluting the culture there.



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They need to kick them out too.

I wonder if an economic collapse and literal hunger wouldn't be really good for them.

Plant a vegetable harden, learn how to hunt and buy more ammo.

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Bullshit, Koreans are super violent. I grew up with the fuckers, they're all psychotic.

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In the world of cellphone cameras it's getting harder for the ZOG to suppress these chimpouts.

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Nogs record there own chimpouts like 90% of the time

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How many times have you heard one yelling WORLD STAR! Into the phone while videoing some pointless jungle brawling and cackleing at the sight of people getting beat up. No one ever tries to stop it, just record and egg them on more.

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on one side: feelgoods, warm fuzzies and celebrity approval

on the other: video and forensic evidence, decades of statistics, worldwide trends and patterns.

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Niggers. Doing nigger things. Because they're niggers.

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All you need to bring back is the right to lynch them on the spot if they chimp out. When a nigger sees another of his fellows getting his just reward he would stop chimping.

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More likely yell wurrrrlds stahhh and then be with the next Niger lIfes Chimp crowed looting.

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Itaewon, I was there. I went whoring and drinking when I was there as a grunt. I also had a great time there exploring that town. It's literally stepping into another world. I probably shouldn't have wandered around alone, but I was a monster of a G.I. and they are all so fucking little, I could use one to beat the others. Thus I wasn't worried and I could explore relaxed, even though I about got lost in it all.

They were highly competitive and had a hard time understanding why we didn't just crush the world, if they had our power, they would do it in a heartbeat. We're kind of stupid to them. Ok, we're fucking retarded, but we're a big retarded giant that will beat your nation into the ground like a tent peg. Hurr hurr! They were always wanting to compete at something.

I wandered into a pistol shooting match in Itaewon, and that's my wheelhouse. I walked away with some big prize I couldn't read. lol It was precision air pistol, not proper gunslinging, but it still takes some skill. Don't think so? Go pick it up and see how you score competitively.

We didn't have the nigger problems back then that we do now. I can't imagine being in with them now. I had to battle them in the barracks and they'll team the fuck up on you. I got beat badly a few times, but I heal up overnight, so I made sure to give as good as I got. They found it dismaying to find me all chipper for PT next morning and their hurting still. Get those bone crunching blows in, they'll never forget 'em.

Don't get me wrong, niggers could be a pack of trouble back then too. But they had MPs, military police that were used to dealing with grunts. It didn't matter what you were, white trash, nigger, spic, jew, whatever, the MPs would beat you like a drum with evil hurt sticks until you quiver into a cell someplace.

Then you'll end up in some hell hole remedial training camp where they'd fuck with you until you wished you weren't so retarded to end up there.

SJW POS POTUS probably has military discipline raped with his idiots he's put into power in all levels. I can see nigger privilege running amuck in the military and thus when the monkeys get out in the world on pass or leave, they act like the nigger filth that they are.

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BB gun king owns BB Kangz.

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Those things fucking hurt you know? BB gun wars as a kid are serious business. I keep one as an adult to run off the stray cats that want to feast on the wildlife the complex tries to feed. It's amazing to watch the birds come eat in the winter, you get to see them up close. So do the cats.

Some fathead down the road feeds them all and they've came from all over for the free gibs. They roll over here to murder some birds or squirrels, but there's a marshal on the block now with the rattle stick of evil cat doom. Or so they think. I open my door and shake it and it's feline warp nine for all of them prowling the yard.

For all the cat lovers, relax. It's a BB gun that wouldn't break the skin, and if I can hit a cat at that range with it, while it's on a scalded cat run, fucking aliens are going to drop in and snatch me up for my targeting biology. So relax, justices is being done.

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Niggers are animals everywhere

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That poor cop is so confused.

He's like wait, I'm the police, why are they not stopping?

Dude is gonna get killed.

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niggers are niggers everywhere. what loser assholes

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you take a cow into a barn. He'll shit in the barn. You take a cow into a million dollar mansion, he'll shit in that million dollar mansion. It's what they do!

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Don't compare loyal beasts of burden with worthless freeloaders.

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until recently south Korea government was run by that brainwashed puppet lady. from what I've seen first hand lots of blue pills in their institutions.

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It's not really relevant, but I was there when she was elected into office and the air in Korea was comparable to the obe in the US when Nigger got elected into office. Just a general feeling of "oh no". But hey, they voted for her anyway.

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