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protest monkey shirt. Act like a monkey

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Chimping the fuck out...

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Seriously they should just be shot dead. I'd feel worse hitting an animal with my car than I would seeing these nogs with bullet holes in their skulls.

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this is literally why apartheid existed. The africans are tribal people and in order to keep the two cultures separate, they made it law.

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S.A. was a test case to see if the entertainment industry could single handedly overthrow a stable society. I remember back in the 80s when EVERY band, movie star or talking head was screaming about the injustice of apartheid. And God help you if you broke the picket line and played a concert in S.A., your career was over.

Well, that worked out pretty well for ZOG and now they are doing the same thing in Europe (Sweden, England, France and Belgium are on the brink) and the USA has been flooded with shithole savages for years now.

We will win since we always have before but the fight is going to get damn ugly.


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queen broke the picket line back in 84 when they played sun city. it was a show to a mixed race crowd (they insisted), and STILL got blackballed for it. queen rules and idgaf what anyone says.

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At what point are we going to stop feeding these negroes and let them evolve for themselves?

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This is in South Africa, so they're already working on getting rid of the food producers.

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Fucking apes will destroy society if they are allowed to keep doing this shit.

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Drop the security doors while the apes are trashing the place, then let it burn...

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The guy with the phone is literally making monkey noises. Also all this does is inconvenience a bunch of hourly wage workers who don't give a fuck.

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Be H&M, make an ad and piss off the niggers of S.A.

Niggers chimp out and wreck all of your stores

Move stores out of country

Chimps have to wear skins and sheiit cause Whitey stopped selling them clothes

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Good. Fuck them and everything they have.

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