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The story is, whites built South Africa out of nothing, but eventually seccumbed to social pressures both internal and external and gave up control of their nation to blacks, who are proceeding to destroy it and murder the whites at a rapid rate. Blacks did nothing to build South Africa and are incapable of sustaining it without the help of whites. Blacks need whites, but won't admit this obvious truth because it highlights how inferior they are as a race.

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Some blacks actually admit it on their own that they had it much better under apartheid than they do now. But blacks are so thoroughly brainwashed by Jews that they are essentially weaponized by them against us.

Blacks aren't very intelligent from the get-go, and if you look around at how many whites are pro-Jew, leftist and pro-Israel, can you really blame the blacks for being so easily brainwashed? As much as I hate to say it, they are for the most part victims too, even though I don't care for them.

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Thanks for uploading it. Maybe edit the title into something more eye-catching and inflammatory to get people to watch it.