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NOVA has been pretty heavy propaganda for as long as I can remember.

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Typical SJW agenda. Destroying every good thing.

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Yeah, PBS has gotten way more SJW'y than I last remember. They were kinda in the bag for Clinton during the election. Maybe donors are responsible for the tilt towards the democratic left. NPR is as well.

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It's an agenda, and the entire libtard left is pushing it for all their little soy-nourished bodies are worth. Push back. Keep pointing out the falseness of their fantasy narrative.

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95% of the reason people own telescopes is to look at their neighbours tits.

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LOL. Sounds reasonable to me. Maybe the reason all the scientists in this program are women is because all the males are too busy using the telescope looking at tits.

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https://archive.fo/PnKDg :

NOVA - Official Website | Black Hole Apocalypse

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