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Never point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot them.

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joke is they do intend to kill eachother, and do so as a race frequently

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Niggers do this shit and post it online, and all the time soy boy white liberals across the country will cry themselves to sleep at the thought that somewhere in flyover country responsible white adults have legally registered guns safely locked up in gun safes.

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if you have to register your guns it is time to move to a state that cares about your rights.

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Not only are they pointing guns at each other, now they are practicing not shooting back at people who draw on them.

Nothing could ever go wrong with this plan.

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so this is why liberals want to ban guns so badly.

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I hope this is as fake as every other youtube prank video...

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This video looks pretty staged but I wouldn't be surprised if they do this kind of thing normally.

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Trigger control, from what I observed, was in-tact. I will say that under no circumstances, do you point a gun at someone you aren't ready to kill.