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  1. Say your enemy is racist.

  2. Repeat that your enemy is racist a million times in hundreds of different ways.

  3. When your enemy speaks, don't let him. Cut him off and see step 2.

  4. When your enemy is saying something sensible, get visibly upset and act righteously indignant. Cut him off and see step 2. [Louder]

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Pretty much. Homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic all work as well.

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Rick Wilson is a conservative in the same way a wart is a pimple.

He is one of a group of complete idiots I see on Twitter who claim to much more insider knowledge than they have and whose stories are really only believable to people who have never been involved in the world they talk about. Others include Tom Nichols and John Schindler.

To his credit, though, he hasn’t blocked me on Twitter like the others have. So either he can tolerate some disagreement or he just hasn’t noticed me. Hard to say which.

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“You know, hearing John’s defense of Trump and of this overtly racist aspect of it, it shocks me that we still have people in this country, you know, don’t bother calling yourself a conservative if you don’t believe that there’s a way where people who come and embrace the proposition of this country can become Americans. Because we’ve worked very hard in this country to accept people from around the world and of varying backgrounds, and you know what, John? I’m sure your ancestors here weren’t descended from the Mayflower in some cloud of heavenly light. I’m sure they came here from Ireland or Germany or Italy or somewhere else. And you know what? Back then, they were the shithole people. Back then, they were the people who were looked down upon.”

Is this one of those cuckservatives I keep hearing so much about?

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Feeeel the hatred flow through you.....

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Tempted to downvote, simply because you have to sit through a long virtue signaling speech from this guy to ever get to the quote (I didn't make it that far!).

But I won't. They are shithole countries, and any objective person knows it. But a day without panties being bunched up about Trump on CNN over some minor comment or tweet, would be a first since he has been elected.

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