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In thick accent "They tell me not to talk about race, especially in front of bracks. Taboo? Okey. But... I don't give a fuck."


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Yep its true Far East Asians are woke as fuck, they also seen the looming shit with the rapefugee and refujihaidts and said no thanks decades before hand, way before Syria or any of the refugee or BlackLivesMatter shit https://youtu.be/Xr9_EIQU9I4?t=373 at 7 + mins he's fantastic. Even as they threaten to murder him, he basically says they have gone full retard even worse than a raghead moslem says they have gone full retard...too angry...and they shouldn't waste their time anymore.

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"Woke as fuck" is the majority for all nations except white nations where the majority are delusional (which is why it's so easy to genocide them).

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His debate with blacks. They make the case better than he did. Fucking hopeless.

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Holy shit, le 56% face

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i kept hearing it as Barrack lol

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I agree with most things he's saying, but there's one important thing he missed to do:

  • Connect points 2 and 3 directly to point 1: victim mentality.

It is self-victimization that very often serves as the underlying 'justification' for violent, criminal misconduct. When you feel you're being a victim who is being oppressed, you may feel like you have 'no choice' but acting up violently and/or retreating to shady back alleys. It's gonna make you feel like you're being a renegade. Or as Black people call it: a 'gangsta'.

  • 'Victim' mentality and 'gangsta' mentality are two sides of the same coin.

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So how many liquor store robberies and carjackings should they get a pass on because they don't feel good about themselves?

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All of them. You don't like "brack peoples" do you? I laughed out loud.

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This is the crux if the dysfunction of black communities. This sentiment is always widely exploited by politicians, media and public 'education'.

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Victim mentality is a myth.

The combination of low IQ and violent gene is the reality.

Why do you think that there are blacks outside of prison and having a job? They should have victim mentality too right? Yeah, cuz that shit don't matter, it just happens that these outlier have normal IQ and lack violent gene.

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Why do you think that there are blacks outside of prison and having a job?

Because victim mentality doesn't require that you won't even try.

It just means that when you fail, you have a ready explanation, and an excuse to 'go rogue'. This does not rule out genetic dispositions either. Rather, it's your argument that could be used to question your conclusion just as well.

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Ideologies I oppose: Gangsta culture Zionism Communism

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Niggers are taught to always play the victim. It's embedded in there culture to be the victim as they hold a gun to you and take you're wallet. They're the victim not you. This is probably one of the main reasons EVERY reasonable white person hates niggers.

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Left out most important: it's in their genes, violence and low IQ.

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Niggers are like their masters, the Jews.

Jews are like their father, the devil.

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no problems were ever solved by tossing niggers at it!

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If you want somewhere destroyed, just add niggers.

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Black people are butthurt over slavery still because they were liberated, and didn't liberate themselves. If we look so the south of the border, the Mexicans and the natives there we're enslaved like common niggers, and they liberated themselves so now its a point of pride. Blacks dont have this situation cause whitey bought them after the jews enslaved them, and whitey set them free after the jews fought to keep them in chains.

It's bad enough that they blame whites, and ignore the jews that enslaved them.

Blacks are prone to crime due to human evolution, in africa do you things now and don't prepare for things in the future cause you have everything within reach and easy. Now if some nigger has something better, just take it. This reflects on lots of other crimes they do. Human evolution is still with us whether we like it or not.

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the Australian Aborigines couldn't be enslaved either, they'd just walk back into the bush when they got tired of being slaves.

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They also couldn't hit the Bronze age... After 40 000+ years they couldn't even advance to the first non-primitive level of society.....

And our ancestors are made out to be the bad guys for trying to educate the brutal savages.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Xr9_EIQU9I4 :

3 Questions A Japanese Guy Has For Black People in the US - YouTube

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Based nip riping into blacks with civil arguentation jsut because he knows they will chimp in the copmments and proof his point.

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Lotta koolaid drinkers in the comments.

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My brain hurts from reading those comments.

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