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What he doesn't tell you is that they will use your "unwillingness to co-operate" against you in court as a sign of your guilt, I've seen it first hand. That's why you need to be very specific when answering the police that "you are invoking your constitutional right to remain silent" and not just tell him to fuck off or whatever.

When I was in court the cop said I was being "evasive and uncooperative" because I was just sitting there silently as a justification to his belief of "suspicious activity".

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Hrnmmm it's almost as if cops are scum of the earth pigs and the system is rigged!

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Talked with s cop today at length. He said in 23 years he's learned one thing. There is no justice.

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I am not an American so I don't really know, but aren't you even allowed to use the fifth amended after the Patriot Act been introduced? Like it actually doesn't matter if you invoke your right not to self incriminating, coz they will still put you in jail?

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Fuck Gowdy, posturing punk ass bitch.

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He's such a smug cunt, I love that guy!

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One technique that I've seen a lot of 1st amendment auditors use is to respond with, "[I'm sorry, but] I don't answer questions."

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Avoid the phrase, "I'm sorry", as being sorry has implications of guilt.

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just keep your mouth shut. Don't say anything. Even if you are TOTALLY innocent, opening your mouth can only work against you. What you've said is NEVER used as a determining factor over wither they go after you or not. AND DON"T EVER TRUST an Attorney... they will sell you out, EVEN if you haven't done anything wrong. The FIRST thing any asshole lawyer will do is try to seek the lowest point, as water does. He's trying to make the most money for the least trouble. So, the first thing he'll try to do is to get you to plead guilty. Then he can go home and drink some wine, have a meal and forget about it all. But when you refuse to plead guilty and make it EASY on him... You are no longer a client... you are an adversary. At that point they will begin calculating what is the best way for them to make a buck while shucking you like a bad cold. Their next step, is to meet with the opposition (to you) without your knowledge and make a deal. They have other clients... so they say... okay I'll give you this guy if you let this other guy off. Don't try telling me it doesn't happen! I have seen it with my own eyes.

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"I don't give interviews"

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Yup. See my comment. ;-)

This should be submitted once every month.

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This may have been posted before, but it's always good for a reminder and to put it up for new folks to read. Don't talk to the police.

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This should be posted annually imo.

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This going to be a bit long but a while ago I was being set up for a Great Bodily Harm conviction in a country which doesn't have a 5th Amendment (Eastern Europe). Here you do not have the right to have an attorney present during your interview, in my case the state did supply an interpreter though.

This was a traffic accident and when the police arrived and we were filling out the report at the scene the inevitable question came up.

Cop: So, uh, whose fault do YOU think it was

Me: Uh, I don't know Officer, who's fault did YOU think it was

was my response. If I had answered any other way I would have lost my case (fyi, I was innocent).


Due to some rather bad planing at the intersection where this occurred the city needed a scapegoat and saw me as the perfect Goat (did you see what I did there?)

The Komisar (Lead Detective) then went ahead and coached the injured man and the "witness". The "witness" was a nice little local lady who "saw the whole thing" (and actually was the one who caused the accident) and the injured man suddenly developed a case of amnesia for the last few seconds of the crash. I shit you not. Amnesia.

When it was my turn I was called into his office to make my statement (this was months later, btw) and this was one of the strangest meetings that I have ever had. The Komisar was a middle aged soy boy who kept reminding me of the criminal punishments for even talking loudly to a Police Officer (let alone attacking one) in a Police Station (I try not to be intimidating but it doesn't always work) and the interpreter was a midget with a rabbit in a cage. No LARP fellow goats, this actually happened!

After about an hour and a half of telling my side of the story and being grilled by the Komiar (remember, no 5th Amendment in this country) he made his final pitch. With extreme gravitas, which I give him credit for pulling off considering his small stature and his half bald head (I actually was nervous) he explained to me how I could avoid Prison, if only right then and there (before consulting my Lawyer), a one time offer... to sign this confession and write an apology letter to the victim. The Judge will only give you a fine if you do this. Otherwise... dudes, all of those old Soviet propaganda movies started playing through my head. No rubber hoses at this point but the sentiment was the same. The tiny man had scary eyes but unfortunately for him I learned LONG ago to NEVER apologize for something that I didn't do. For any fucking reason. Ever.

Then I asked him (through the interpreter) if I could make that decision later.

As I said this is getting long and if nobody is interested I'm going to stop here. This is how things work in Eastern Europe (same as everywhere) and if anybody gives a crap about how this ended up just ask. My fingers are tired now.

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@recon_jhonny, @prairie

I'm rushing off to work so I will give you the short version, the cop tried to frame me and force me into a confession and I am sure that it was a huge surprise to him when I didn't play his game. Had I had the opportunity to plead the 5th and wait until my lawyer got there none of this would have ever happened.

After looking at all of the evidence, witness statements etc we started writing letters to the Prosecutor poking holes in their case. Basically the little Komisar was so hot to hang me that he had my car doing things that weren't even physically possible in order for the bicyclist to end up where he did on the ground.

The Prosecutor realized that he would look like an idiot at trial and made the cop make another investigation. Which he did. New computer models, placed ads in papers for new witnesses etc, put his case together and my Lawyer ate it for lunch. At this point this should have been the end of the case (this had been going on for a year and a half at this point) but nope. This little weasel cop tried to come up with another round, but that didn't fly very well and the Prosecutor threw it back on his desk where it sits to this day.

If I had had the opportunity to take the 5th when the original investigator had shown up on scene I would have because that cop tried to mess me up. If I had had the opportunity to take the 5th when I spoke to the Komisar and wait for my Lawyer to show up I would have (I couldn't) and if you are ever arrested (and you live in America) DO NOT SAY A FUCKING WORD TO ANY COPS WITHOUT YOUR LAWYER PRESENT!!!

I spent a year and a half fighting dirty cops and lying witnesses whose sole goal was to frame me for something that I didn't do and I was almost forced into a plea bargain that I didn't need. Never trust the cops. Period.

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Was leaving the country an option? Legal battles seem like an expensive, time consuming options.

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Fuck me, my man. Don't leave me hanging.

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You must finish your story.

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I just did, check back.

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Hello Sir I find your ideas interesting and would like to subscribe to your newsletter for part 2.

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Well not talking probably caused my bullshit case to go to trial.. I should have went in gave my version of events filled assaulted charges on the other guy and then there would have been no reason to go further.. Instead I said talk to my lawyer cops got pissed pressed the issue took it to trial I lost because you always lose at trial unless you have a ton of money... Anyways 99 percent of the time don't talk to the cops.

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declare your fifth amendment right and leave it at that.

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One can support a/the police state, and still recognize that providing potentially incriminating evidence against yourself is not to your benefit. In fact, it can't be beneficial, as the video explains. Bad guys come in all forms and appearances, so everyone is a potential suspect to law enforcement. Maybe you were telling the truth, or maybe... you just slipped up by making that statement.

The case against you doesn't have to be "the truth", it has to be plausible to a jury.

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And becoming more relevant every day.

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