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It’s like English mixed with Irish mixed with American southern... that is so strange to listen to

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Can confirm.

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This accent is the accent I have, 'I be English you see he b top bollocks alrite proper job!'

It is the accent of the Westcountry - Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset Counties.

And yes we sound like 'Pirates'.

Hands down the best English Accent.


This is the most famous example of our accents in song -


Here's a couple of old boys after a few -


This is us young one's down the Pub, this fight was over a single packet of crisps, lol


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I got a question for you but. Simon Baker - (The Mentalist) - Dead set aussie. Goes to america, puts on the accent for his american show which is fair enough.

Gets an offer to do ads for ANZ Bank. Why he gotta put on the yank accent for ads for the Australia and New Zealand Bank?? GBTLA GODDAMN SEPPO!!!

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Had to stay in character. IIRC the ads had him looking over clients who wear dealing with ANZ people, and would give a little one liner at the end saying they were wise or some shit. It's his character from the mentalist.

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Where I live we have a sort of Scottish/Irish type of accent.