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This has nothing to do with people being offended.

Youtube is preventing political parties from communicating with voters.

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Well, to be fair, this video is not very accurate.

They are calling muslim invasion army as refugees, which is not correct.

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That was pretty reasonable, not over the top at all. Aren't we just glad to have google protecting us from logic and sanity.

Never seen a video get locked down like that before though. Is that a new thing?

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It let me watch it on my phone with no bs at all.

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I could still watch the video with no problems, just never seen everything else removed like that. Usually they just manipulate the votes.

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Streisand effect in full effect. /pol/ and Voat are both all over this shit.

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lol, no comments and rating are also disabled plus 2 warning for disturbing content. At least here in Merkeltown!

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Don't go to jail by watching that. :(

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jail is the only place the invaders aren't lol.

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Can't like it, search it, subscribe, and it won't play in the YouTube app on my phone. Crashes the app every time with an "unexpected error." Bullshit it's unexpected! Those fuckers meant for it to do that.

Reasonable and well done video though. No clips in it that hadn't first been aired on the news. Definitely shouldn't be counted as breaking any of YouTube's rules. If so they're gonna have to block the news too.

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The video infringes on copyrighted material. The U.S. and the E.U. owns the rights to the invasion and the feigned ignorance that was responsible, so they have a legal right to shut down anyone that tries to monetize the trainwreck.

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I would like to correct the record (sorry). They're not MIGRANTS. They're a hostile invading army. Let's call it what it is.

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Huh? can like and subscribe now.

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