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Having seen this, I support the alt right less than before.

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That's fine, I find the term 'alt right' pretty hard to define. I mean alternative simply means a subjective difference, how can you really define a political belief that leans right with a blanket statement of alternative right? Wouldn't anyone who had some beliefs that differed from the common right be alt right? It just doesn't really make sense to me.

Would you care to take a minute to explain your thoughts on how much you supported the "alt right" before and what in this video caused you to support the "alt right" less?

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Before watching this I envisioned the "alt right" as a reaction to freedom stealing forces and insane SJWisms. This video gave me the impression there really is a significant part of the alt right who are literally Nazis and who aren't just against immigration for rational reasons related to the danger but because they hate Muslims. I now have the impression that a lot of the alt right rhetoric about dangerous immigrants is a dog whistle.