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All these years of Europeans looking down their noses at "racist" Americans. Now they have their own underclass, and guess what? If you try to talk about how to fix their socioeconomic and cultural issues, we get to look down or noses at you!

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I don't speak French, but were the chimps shouting "Whose streets, our streets"? Man Europe is fucked.

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no they're shouting "justice" and then probably the name of the dude because I'm getting "mufassa" lmao.

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It's a case of a dindunuffin who got shot and now they are like "justice !"

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I believe its over police brutally, police said some guy (not sure of the name) died from a natural cause. Come to find out it was do to the police shooting the dude that caused a infection that lead to his death. But I could be completely wrong.

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Don't judge french solely on their shitlibs with a visibility in MSM, the US isn't the democrats and the young turks

Front national scores over the decades tells you what precentage of french were not 100%, but 200% aware and/or confronted to the didndu problem


You don't vote for front national in france for "unemployment reasons"/"economic reasons", there are countless other parties championing just that starting with main center left/right parties

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In Paris, there were clashes between police officers and dozens of black Africans protesters at a train station. They had previously participated in a protest on the death of a young colored man last month. This allegedly died shortly after his arrest. The protesters suspect that the use of force by the police could be the cause of death.

The police used pepper spray against the protesters who demanded "justice" and threateningly approached the police at Paris Gare du Nord station. Finally, the police pushed the demonstrators out of the building where the protest continued. Massar D., whose full name was not disclosed for legal reasons, died after spending over a week in a coma. He allegedly suffered a heart attack while arrested by police at Gare du Nord on 9 November.

Massar D. is said to have been a young Spaniard of Cameroonian descent. The exact cause of death and how it came about is still the subject of media speculation. A police patrol arrested the young man for suspecting him of selling drugs at the station. Before, a short chase should have happened. When the security forces arrested the suspect, he should have felt uncomfortable.

According to a source in the 20-minute newspaper, the suspect spat out "30 bags of crack" that he had missed to hide. When the emergency services arrived, they had diagnosed cardiac arrest. According to another newspaper, the rescue services brought two more bags out of his stomach.

The protesters said in a statement that Massar D. was the youngest member of a "long list" of "non-white men" killed by the French police.

Activists and family members accuse the task force of having collectively put a lot of pressure on Massar's chest to make him spit. This caused the cardiac arrest. According to her theory, this pressure has led to suffocation.

"Our goal is not to accuse the police, but to say that we have no reason to believe them, and every time they kill one of us, we die in their hands, we are forced to kill ourselves Truth and justice, "said Franco Lollia, spokesman for the" Anti-Negrobobia Brigade ".


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So, you are saying, that a drug dealer caught in the act died on his own after, obviously, getting poisoned by crack he himself ate?

And then The Army of 12 Monkeys pavement apes arrives to the scene and starts jumping around, because he good boi, he dindo nuffin?

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What I posted is what Google translate returned for the text that was posted with the video.

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Thank you

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Give a nigger some rope and he will hang your family.

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Especially if you line your family up,tie the noose for him,and demand he do it.

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Those cops seem scared. Always retreating

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They are outnumbered, don't have proper weapons to deal with the chimps and if they did anything more, they would probably lose their jobs.

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Your last point is the most important I think - An organized police force can do a lot, but if you know you'll lose your job for even defending yourself, the only option left is to retreat.

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white guilt and cowardice look almost indistinguishable, don't they?

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We should do a cop exchange program with them.

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I respectfully decline

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Meh things won't change until they remove them by force.

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Things won't change until the right disavows identity politics and champions its core liberal values regardless of race.

Look up Thomas Sowell if you want a good example of an intelligent and laudable human being who happens to be black.

We need to be able to see past race so we can get to the real issue... which is mass migration and indoctrination of uneducated foreigners.... Also the promotion of victimhood and group identity over individual growth and family values. The issue is both larger and more subtle than skin color.

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Yes but most people on voat are fucking idiots.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ePHkGlI2HZg | https://www.hooktube.com/embed/ePHkGlI2HZg :

Eskalation in Paris: Polizei setzt Tränengas gegen Dutzende farbige Protestler an Bahnhof ein - YouTube

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looks like planet of the apes

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France and the rest of the western european countries are the planet of the apes, didn't you know that?

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Simply needs to be treated as the zombie invasion it is. So act accordingly...before it is too late

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