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This could be a test to see if people fight back. Doing this on an remote island makes it easier to contain if things get a little out of control.

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Similar thing happened in California. Registered medical cannabis users are denied purchasing rights for firearms.

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It's more a test on public opinion

There's zero chance this turns out into an armed revolt, first because "not every body is concerned" remove anti gun crowd from the equation and anti marijuana mild gun right stance people, and second because most people have 3 meals a day, a roof above their head, bills and kids to pay and take care of

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You’re forgetting these are Americans. Its not a “gun” right its a constitutional right. The government is playing with fire

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I'm pretty sure the tequila drinkers are several times more dangerous than pot heads.

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Shit... im both

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Well that cancels out then, the tequila makes you want to go kill your ex, but the pot made you forget where she lives.

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Bearing arms is a RIGHT. Not a privilege. These two subjects (pot and guns - as much as I hate potheads) should have nothing whatever to do with each other in the law. I side with the potheads. Absolutely.

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Do you drink alcohol?

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Shaddup, stoner.

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Is the pope full of shit?

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“Hawaii officials beg citizens to shoot them.”

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Hawaii: marijuana is not a schedule 1 narcotic, register with us.

Also Hawaii: marijuana is a dangerous schedule 1 narcotic and we're taking your guns.

I really hope someone sues them.

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hawaii is a liberal shithole. Not suprised they are trying to disarm them.

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No... theres no reason to oppose manditory gun registration. Not like the govt will make up new rules then come take ur guns...

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Molon labe.

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