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You're not a sex worker honey, you're a whore.

[–] TheSeer 1 points 20 points (+21|-1) ago 

Prostitution has to be legalized, because women do it any way, just call it something else. Like 'sugar daddy', or 'divorce settlement' or 'child support' or 'going on a date but letting the guy pay' (with no actual intention of forming a relationship, beyond findom, with the guy). Or you film it and call it porn. Many many many examples.

That is at the crux of the ongoing Hollywood allegations. If the women knew they were performing sex acts for Harvey Weinstein in return for $2m dollars then we can say "Well, they agreed to it." But because it was more circuitous, and he forced them into it with the threat of being blackballed, it is more difficult to say whether they agreed to it or were forced into it.

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Financial domination is a very real fetish involving a submissive being "forced" to give money to the Dominant. Terms like money slave, paypig, moneypig, walletslave, wallet rape are all part of the play involved in this type of Domination and submission.

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How are whores not sex workers?

[–] AfricanZionSafari 10 points 60 points (+70|-10) ago 

Calling yourself a "sex worker" is an attempt to turn whoring into a legitimate job, don't play stupid.

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America, this is your females on University!

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gas the kike

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Sorry I was at the store buying ammonia and bleach. I say we start at the Rothschilds and work our way down.

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I don't fault her for being a Cam Girl, I fault her for being an ignorant cunt of a person.

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I do, she didn't need to do this. Anyone who does this other than a last ditch effort to live after trying 5 million other options is a piece of trash.

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It's a job for lazy people with no self respect.

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Yeah, well if I had a choice between sitting a cubicle 8 hours a day or flashing my dick for 30 minutes.

I'd be flashing dick. Unfortunately, supply and demand has made that career impossible.

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Easy mode is hated as always, I see.

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I must weigh the risk-reward balance of watching this video.

On the one hand, 4chan raid lulz.

On the other, I'd have to watch moldylocks.

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I was hoping somebody else would watch and then summarize for me.

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It's just her face being humiliated and a montage of her public moments. No having to look at her unkempt bush.

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LOL - same.

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You don't actually see anything other than her face and chest. She's wearing some kind of skimpy top.

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Hairy pussy jewess

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weirdly frail too, like you'd think for a camgirl shed have meat on the bones in the right places

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She probably has the monkey-fucking aids

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She's Soviet skinny.

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Maybe because she was human trafficked by BAMN as a teenager and then put out to whore to get the commune money and then used as a human shield in a street fight that BAMN got paid by Soros to go to. And she's probably still in that cult and they keep her under fed and stoned to keep her from having the strength to leave.

BAMN takes every cent you have the day you show up so you can't leave, but these commies have to make money some way after taking teenagers' money dries up. If they think they own people pimping is the next obvious step.

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OLD NEWS but yeah she is a whore

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It's a classic Oldy-Moldy

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Playing the victim card "because I got assaulted by a white supremacist"

she's the aggressor, they are the ones terrorizing speech.

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Was this not months ago?

[–] boekanier 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Yes, as so much here.

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