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My wife and I are looking for property to invest in and she actually joked about property in Scotland and Italy this evening.

She thought I was fucking joking when I said that Europe was fucking gone. I've live in Europe on many occasions and I wouldn't even pay to visit as a tourist right now. It's fucking sad how their governments had caused the downfall without a fucking shot being fired.

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Does scottland have sandniggers? I haven't heard anything of it. Eastern Europe is still pretty ok. Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

Germany, France, Italy and the UK are screwed

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Fuck Merkel.

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https://tweetsave.com/v_of_europe/status/937079400448843777 :

Voice of Europe on Twitter: "German police are busy all day long with protecting Christmas markets against cultural enrichment t.co/cyZtsNEmHq"

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just came back from visiting a few markets and honestly I didn't even think about it one bit, all I could think of when I saw the cops was "damn what a nice gun". was having too great of a time with family to get bothered by things outside my control, only sjw's are like that that and can never unhinge.

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They are only pretending to protect Germans.