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Blame Wal-Mart for this. They take a expensive product (it really doesn't mater what) that has some market appeal but most people can not afford it. Come black Friday mark it down to about 5% to 10% of its original cost and watch the crowds come in. There is a catch though, if you read the ad small print it says "limited to quantities on hand". The problem each store is allocated just one of the product. The purpose is to get you into the store.

I don't see why this misbehaviour is the store's fault. There's nothing compelling you to act like an ape just because there's a sale on.

Change of story here. You know those Wal-Mart greeters, so nice and helpful. Don't ask them what they have in the hand you don't see. It's a hand operated counter. A push of the button and you are a digit in their store traffic data base. Corporate is very interested in the amount of traffic that enters the store. From the traffic numbers all else flows.

Ok? Why should I have a problem with them keeping track of metrics like that.


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what's your point? fuck Wal-Mart


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My point is that hating Wal-Mart is the only argument you have.