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Excellent post. This point in particular needs to be made often because it is so important to grasp in order to really understand what is going on in the world.

There is a reason for why these nations are backwards striving and it has to do with the biological traits of the people that live there. No more excuses and pretending there is no correlation between biology and societal planning.

Backward nations are backward because of the race of the people who inhabit those nations. Black nations are backward, not because they are repressed, or held-back, or discriminated against, but only because they are black.


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Regardless of the qualities, real or supposed, of a given race/ethnic group

One can't allow his own ethnic group to become an ethnic minority, and to go extinct ultimately, on his own land

Mass immigration combined with race mixing and "multiculturalism", inevitably leads to ethnocide for the ethnic groups exposed to it


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and that is my right to do, by any means necessary if that is how things have to be.

If you want to do it through violence then I have the right to shoot you in the face, you stupid fucking retard.


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