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In this case he had no other choice.


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I can see plenty of choices. And I'm still insisting the guy was justified in what he did. I just wouldn't go as far as to say he didn't have choices. Hear me out on this.

First of all, there is the concept of escalation of force. So, while the video doesn't really show us what is happening, I didn't see the people in front of him really attacking. Just blocking the road like assholes. So, that in of itself makes running them over specifically a gray area.

Where escalation of force does apply is the guys on the side throwing punches. So, I'd argue that the correct application of escalation of force would be to direct it toward those guys. That's not ruling out the fact that his decision to get out of there was also correct. It was. And so, the people in front impeding his escape were technically fair game. But, I'd argue it wasn't the best choice given a shit situation.

But the damning thing is, that according to other reports, is that the guy driving the truck drove past once and then returned to confront the protesting assholes. The number one thing we are taught by good martial arts masters is to avoid confrontation as much as possible. A smart martial artist bends over backwards to try and never have to use it in the first place. The same logic can be applied in this situation. So, he kind of put himself in that shit situation unnecessarily.

So, to reiterate. I do think what he did was justified. But, I do think he could have made better choices, and he did have them.