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I'm just happy to see everyone isn't retarded like in that other thread.

While I'm not so sure that we can group the ignorant drones that join out of mindless patriotism in with the ones that are actually heroes who take great risks and who actually deserve our respect, I can completely agree with this sentiment.

These people are taking PR cucking to a new level.

we can't tell them to not bring their animals again or just make them leave because everyone will think we hate disabled people or vets

It's pathetic. Check out the other thread we've had on this already. Everyone went off on me for making this comment

I suppose everyone had some high estrogen when they saw the video. Hell, I didn't even watch the whole thing. I can only take so much niggers yelling random shit every day.

I'm just glad there's reasonable people on voat that don't fall prey to mockingbird-level drivel like the mindless emotional appeals those pathetic retards spewed at me.