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That viking one always pissed me the hell off. I've no doubt that viking women did help defend their communities, but come on, in a contest of strength most men are going to beat most women even the strongest women aren't going to be that great in a shield wall.

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I think my comment from a week ago has aged well regarding this topic.

I trust Laura Southern's research capabilities.

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Yeah, you called it.

The other justification I always hear is that norse myths involve a lot of fighting women, but that's easily countered because so do Athenian myths, and they absolutely did not permit women to go to war.

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I trust Laura Southern's research capabilities.

Unless this was sarcastic, you shouldn't. She was brought on board the Rebel Media train by (((Ezra Lavant))). Since the right started gaining momentum and Lavant wanted a hood ornament mouthpiece to draw more traffic, he put her where she was and had her talk about issues. Trying to capitalize on her increasing exposure, she wrote a book about the problems of "our generation" and how things got where they were.

She never even comes close to the JQ, and bizarrely throws a ton of blame on some French liberal from back in the day who wanted egalitarianism, or something along those lines. She was always controlled opposition, and her split from Rebel Media does not make her any more a reliable source of good information than before. Do not trust anyone, do your own homework.

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I thought Viking women being buried with swords was a sign of their high status instead of their warrior prowess anyway. Plus, any tribe, nation, or civilization that would send they baby factories out to fight on the battlefield to die sounds crazy. There have been rare cases of women commander but they are just that: rare cases. Men did the fighting, women gave birth to more men who would fight or to women who would continue on their traditions and culture.

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Afaik there has only been one viking woman found buried with weapons, so there isn't much data to draw conclusions about why.

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The strongest women are more men than women. Something with too much testosteron in the blood.

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I'm talking about natural women, not juicers or those east german experiments. Pretty sure they didn't exist back then.

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What they found were some Viking female commanders, is that right?

That's not the same as Viking women being at the forefront of the battle.

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It is far from clear whether even that is what they actually found.

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0:21 mark calls her views bigots. made me laugh. reminded me of when Tom Scott call all trump supporters bigots.

need some hard bodies in here

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It seems to parallel the crappy education on offer.

At one time those kind of believers used to stay home and read harlequin romances and brag that politics was dumb so they didn't vote.

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Media try to make science articles understandable for normies, as a consequence the science is so dumbed down that it is understandable but incorrect.

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A lot of science is pure trash. Observational studies paraded as fact, when there were no controls. Or just studies where the were rampant conflicts of interest, with results no one could ever replicate. Or just skip the science and get ghost writers to write something.

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I could forgive them simply dumbing down, but often they just invent shit for clicks.

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I'd bang Kelly Brook, with my dick.

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The quickest way to end bullshit victimization behavior: tell the truth until they cry, abandon them during their tears, then ghost them. Instant behavioral change.