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Well we know the idiots shooting from a moving car were niggers. That goes without saying. They missed every shot. But was the homeowner white? Not a single word about the races involved.

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wondering why he had his AR in his yard but kudos for shot placement

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The video description notes somebody tried to torch his house the previous night so I think he was expecting trouble.

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One account stated he kept it inside the door when he would sit on his front porch. Not uncommon in Texas among even suburban professional classes without criminal backgrounds.

The reason to have an AR-15 as opposed to a hunting rifle or shotgun is this exact situation, point defense from external, ranged attackers.

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Totally makes sense then. Id def want an AR or a shotgun for anti drive by defense. Home defense rounds in a 12 gauge would fuck a car up!

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this should be on /v/niggers. Who the fuck stands around their front yard at night with an AR but niggers?

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Someone who likes guns? When Im in my apartment I have my HK416 just a meter away.

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I have my Sig p320C .45 on my hip or within arms reach 24/7. I dont stand in my front yard in the middle of the night with it though.